Friday, January 27, 2006

And Now We’ve Reached the Question and Answer Portion of Our Presentation.

I wanted to post something brilliant and thought provoking this morning, but let’s face it: brilliant and thought provoking are not only hard things to be, but they require me to be awake, which is something I’m not at the moment.

(I am, however, happy and not wishing to up and leave the book business due to the events early this week. I don’t want anyone to think that. My dearest friends pacified my need for blood by taking me out for greasy home fries, burgers and beer. Turns a frown upside down and all that.)

I did have a semi-brilliant (or some would call it lazy) thought, though, and that’s to ask y’all what you want to hear about?

So, um, yeah. What do you want to hear about?

  • More book covers?

  • My bestselling books?

  • My favorite books?

  • How your favorite authors are doing?

  • Why I think some people do better than others in my store (which we’re pretty much already covered, but I’m willing to go back there…eventually).

  • Holidays: do people really still buy other people books for them?

  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  • Was I the second shooter on the grassy knoll?

C’mon, guys: thoughts, questions, whatever, just bring it on with the warning that I may completely ignore something or not answer it if I can’t get to it, and well, I sometimes have a short attention span that makes me forget things. Case in point: I was standing in the middle of the bookstore yesterday with a handful of books and I couldn’t remember if I was shelving them, returning them, or grabbing them for a customer.

See why I need your help with the brilliance?

(if you don't want to post as a comment because the comment box is scary--What? It can too be scary--go ahead and email me at I promise not to spam you for the rest of your life.)


Buffy said...

Why I think some people do better than others in my store (which we’re pretty much already covered, but I’m willing to go back there…eventually).

How willing are you? :)

Anonymous said...

How can authors get to know independent booksellers in cities other than their own?

Beth said...

If I ever get published, do you promise to give my book prominent placement and sing its praises to every single customer even though you totally don't have to ever read it?

Kate R said...

what do you do to authors who turn their books cover out if you catch them? what do you do to their books once they leave? do you mind driveby signings or do they make you crazy? do you feel used or appreciated when authors stop by with chocolate to try to bribe you to push their books? Is Hersheys enough or do you only pimp books for Godiva?

just wondering.

Bookseller Chick said...

Buffy, you give me names and I'll come up with examples.

Anonymous, I'll look into that for you.

Beth, sing your praises? But of course. I would have to read the book, too, I'm not that much of a whore, but until then I would be all, "And she has the best scone recipe...obviously her book must be brilliant!"

Kate R, we like anything that is sweet, salty, and edible. We're easy. I'll cover the rest of your questions in a post.

jmc said...

Please e-splain the concept of buying books as gifts. Unless the intended recipient has expressed a desire for a specific book, that seems kind of dangerous (in the sense of risking giving an unappreciated gift) to me.

For instance, I love my sister and b-i-l, both bibliophiles, but I would never buy them a particular book unless given an author and title. They have such catholic tastes, that a gift card is much the better gift. That way they can buy exactly what they want, or spend it at random. What they choose at random is going to be more to their tastes than what I select at random.

Paul said...

How about: what popular books do you loathe so much that your soul winces when you are asked about them?

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I wish that people wouldn't try to buy me books for Christmas - they never manage to buy a book that I would actually READ!

I much prefer gift cards so I can choose my own reading material!

Bookseller Chick said...

Jmc and anon, you both bring up a good point and yours is the next question up for answer.

Paul, oh so many it hurts, but consider your question column worthy and up behind JMC's.