Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sugar, we're going down

Amistad is waiting to see if their new video promotion for Lolita Files' book Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. is going to go viral on the internet. Booksquare beat me to the announcement and has provided the links so you can check it out. Does it work? Are you interested? Do you think we'll be seeing this more in the future?

And if so, do you think there will be better camera work and more extras?

Let's here your thoughts.


lady t said...

Thanks for the link-if you've ever watched Mystery Science Theater 3000,you might recall that they use to mock old film shorts right before the main movie.
Well,this promo makes most of those babies looks like Cannes Film Festival winners!

The funniest part of the whole thing was the chalkboard announcement-"Book Signing Tonight!" with a line of starstruck fans already in line(most of whom were probaly yanked out of the nearest Starbucks)-don't know if this will sell any books but serious money needs to be put up,production wise to get any real results.

Bookseller Chick said...

I agree. The line and the sign really got me too (although the shakey camera movement throughout didn't really do that much for me). I kept thinking if these were real book groupies there would be more of them, on par with a Palanhuik or Patterson signing. Also given the materialistic and sensational set-up of the novel, you would think that everyone in that line would be dressed a little nicer.

Seriously they could have handed a little money over to a film school grad (or soon to be grad) and told them to play up the themes of the title as it applies to the book. The only thing the video has going for it right now, to me, is the catchiness (read: got stuck in my head and wouldn't leave) of the song.

Kate R said...

what does it mean "go viral"? Get really popular really quickly?

Kate R said...

never mind, booksquare explained the idea. sort of disturbing term (but that's because I know a lot of microbiologists.)