Saturday, February 11, 2006

What a Girl Needs...

I have a favor to ask y'all, a need to use your combined knowledge.

No, not to build my evil empire of doom, that comes after the indoctrination, head shaving, and implants.


What I need from you internet saavy folks is your help combing the 'net to find reader review sites for all the different genres, fiction and nonfiction alike. I need you to pick your brain for this knowledge and then copy and paste the URL, site name, and genres reviewed (reviewer too if you can) into a comment box. I will then take said knowledge, break it down by genre/type, and place it in the side bar.

Together we can build a greater tomorrow, and a resource for writers who want to get their book out there on the web. In celebration of this great plan, I will also find a way to start accepting ARCs (because I want to love them, and squeeze them, and hug them forever), so that I can get in this reviewer game. I will also accept chocolate, diamonds and non-sequential bills, but I figured y'all knew that already.

If something like this already exists (and it might because there are many, many people in the world that make me look dumber than dirt--if indeed dirt is dumb), please let me know and I will just link to that with a big announcement for writers to go there because obviously their cool. It would make my job a lot easier.

A million thanks in advance to anyone who responds.


I should probably add that I meant reader blogs and review sites alike, although I'm slightly more interested in reader blogs as they represent a kind of grass-roots marketing that I find intriguing on many levels. Any and all genres are welcome, fiction and nonfiction alike, so bring it on. As for contacting me about possible reviews, ARCs or where to send their five-pound chocolate bribe, all someone has to do is click on the email link/button in the sidebar.


Anonymous said... - Fantasy, folklore, fairytales

christine fletcher said...
Young adult

lady t said...

Chick Lit Books is a great site for reader reviews and is very up to date. It is well organized(with all the subgenres such as Mommy Lit,Paranormal Romance,Teen,etc easy to access)and there are plenty of friendly folk registered at the talkback board,too.

About your need for ARCs,I don't know how accessible they are to folk who work at the chains but if you e-mail some of the publishers,they're usually pretty willing to send one your way,particularly if you give them a bookseller's qoute(I've given a couple that were used in ads)-try Random House or Simon & Schuster first:)

Ballpoint Wren said...

Tangent Short Fiction Review.

Dave Truesdale created Tangent in 1993 with the objective of reviewing all the professional short fiction in the speculative fiction field. Since its inception, Tangent has published thousands of reviews, garnered four Hugo award nominations, and has been praised by the likes of Gardner Dozois, James Patrick Kelly, and Ellen Datlow.

Eileen said... First I love the title- but they also do reviews of romance books

Anonymous said...

David Isaak said...

For crime fiction, coast over to the reviews section at David Thayer's site:

and Sarah Weinman's:

Good general but idiosynratic sites are:


Rosina Lippi said...

So if somebody wanted to send you an ARC, say of a novel they've got coming out this June (cough), how would they do that? You being anonymous and all... just not possible?

queenie said...

Please can I help you build a better tomorrow? Please? Can I? Can I?

All About Romance is the motherload for romance novel reviews. I believe they have 5,500 reviews archived.

Michele said...

Well, this site is only for readers by readers, usually. They deal with all genres of Romance Fiction, whatever whoever writes in and places a comment. I've enjoyed belonging to this group. Sometimes its crazy active, sometimes there's a lull. But always interesting.

Loving Every Moment
Hope it looks like it fits your specs!
And good luck "ruling the world"

Beth said... has alot of reviews. Lots of nonfiction and fiction. Not much in romance from what i can tell.

sybil said...

Do you want just review sites or reader blogs that review as well?

Maili has many reader blogs in her sidebar I could go through them later and pull out the ones that review.

ARC's can be as simple as an email or a fax on letter head. So create yourself some Bookseller Chick letter head, stick a note in your side bar with an email to send you a note if author X wants a review. LOL If that is what you meant.

Jenica said...

Readers who review? I'm one of those! And since you'll surely look over all the links and decide what fits your vision, who's hurt by sharing, right?

My book blog is at The Madstop

mapletree7 said...

Mine, Book of the Day.

Romance reviews at It's Not Chick Porn

Bookseller Chick said...

Thanks everyone for the links, please keep the coming.

Rosina, one would simply email me at the address in the sidebar and I would give you one of the address good friends (who don't mind paying postage) allowed me to use. They'll send it on to me.

Q, dahlin, you can always help me build a better tomorrow.

Jenica, thanks for the link. How would you describe your website as a whole?

Bethany K. Warner said...

A moment for shameless self-promotion:
Word Nerd:

I review what I read as I finish it, which is a little of everything, from sci-fi-fantasy to literary fiction.

Jenica said...

Oh, my, the whole thing? That's the bit I call Thinking Out Loud? The whole thing is the record of the life of a 30-year old woman who loves the internet and happens to be a libraran -- part journal, part professional essays, part internet geek. The part with the books on it is The Madstop, and is a short review of everything I read, which is 100+ books per year.

Does that help?

Rosario said...

Self-promotion from me, too:

I review whatever I read. Mostly romance, but some other stuff mixed in, as well.


Anonymous said...

How about Fallen Angel Reviews (mostly romance reviews, but there is a smattering of other books too):