Saturday, March 11, 2006

Drive-by Book Recs...for Doug and Kate

Besides being overall wonderful and great, the Bartimaeus trilogy makes you want to continue to play in the world of magic and fantasy. Check out this post at Bookslut to get some other great recommendations. Both Passarola Rising and The Wall and the Wing are on my reading list.


Doug Hoffman said...

Thanks, darlin'.

Anonymous said...

I love Potter, too, and here's another aftermath take for all to enjoy:

Hugs and mayhem!

lady t said...

Another wonderful children's author in the HP school is Corneila Funke;the first book of her that I read was InkHeart and it made me say to myself:"Why didn't I have this when I was growing up?!"

The follow-up,Inkspell,is just as grand. She's also written The Thief Lord and Dragon Rider,two very different but just as compelling stories.