Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Lord and His Chest

We're opening boxes on Friday, just minding our own business, when we came across this:

Lord of the Dance

Ah Flatley, time and again you prove that not romance cover models are not the only ones in love with their chests. Do you wax? Shave? Both? How do you achieve that arrogant head tilt? The world wants to know.

I remember when Riverdance was everywhere and people where enthralled by Flatley's group of Irish dancers (pre-spoofing by Mike Meyers). I was pretty fascinated myself, what with my bit of Irish ancestry and dance experience mixed with the knowledge that it takes a lot of leg strength to stay up on your toes like that even without the added tapping. Still I always found Flatley to be a bit too...flamboyant. Having read a bit of his bio on Friday, I can tell you that flamboyance transmits to the written word in a heavy purple haze. Michael Flatley loves his life and his "wildly passionate" relationships with other dancers. If this appeals to you, pick up the book and enjoy every sensuous detail of his dancing persona.

If this does not appeal, then please feel free to take away a smile at his Worshipfulness, The Lord of the Chest. Oh, and join in on the possible contest in the last post.


Anonymous said...

Man, get a shirt! Even a frilly one will do.

Bethany K. Warner said...

I thought my irrational fear in life was limited to driving over really big bridges.

I guess I was wrong.

This too is the stuff of nightmares.

Eileen said...

Do you ever see that Japanese show- Iron Chef? The man guy on there is called The Chairman. I think he and the Lord of the dance both shop in the same store. It's target audience is guys who want to look like extras from a pirate movie.

Melanie Hayden said...

My father (2nd generation Irish-American) recently took his girlfriend to see Lord of the Dance and called me from the foyer during the intermission to express his horror. He was apparently living under a rock when Riverdance was The Thing, and his only previous experience with step dancing was the kind cute little kids to at festivals. He was not impressed. Comments included, "That is not how Irish dancers dress"; "He is a poufier version of those Queer Eye guys"; and "He must have gotten the shit kicked out of him in high school."