Monday, March 13, 2006

The Poll!!!

ETA: Okay, it works! It works. Let's try this again.

Despite what my negligence may suggest (I really meant to get to this yesterday), we had a really great selection of books and hand sells offered up for your voting pleasure. All of them beat my immortal hand sell for The Island of the Sequined Love Nun that started with "How can you resist something with a talking fruit bat..."

But really, how can you?

Anyway, below are your choices, so read and vote so I can send one of these lovely people a prize (I'm thinking chocolate, but there might be a couple of choices). Please vote once, be fair and let me know if you have any issues with the poll. Voting will run through until Friday, March 17th, at 6:30 pm.

It's got this kid, a boy, and this bear, see. But there are other animals too. They, er, all live near each other and visit each other a lot. The bear eats as much honey as he can. It could use more female characters -- there's only one and she's a mother figure -- but it's a pretty appealing book--set of books actually -- anyway. By Kate R

Shadow of The Wind is like one of those old fashioned Hollywood movies-it has mystery,romance and a great opening scene set in The Cemetary of Forgotten Books! This is the first of Carlos Ruiz Zafron's books to be translated and I for one, look forward to reading more.
By lady t

UNDEAD AND UNWED is about a secretary who loses her job and then gets run over by a Pontiac Aztec. When she wakes up in the morgue, she has no idea she's the queen of the vampires. Hilarity ensues.Written! Hee. --MaryJanice Davidson
By MaryJanice

Are you afraid of the dark? Not if someone's with you, right? But what if that someone is a killer. His thoughts. His philosophy. His words. What if you forgot who you are?Arden Davis knows this killer. Can she catch him? Perhaps. But first she must find herself.Before I Wake by Anne Frasier.
By jason evans

Need some good mommy talk? [hand book to patron]. You know the good birthing disasters and is-it-really-this-hard discussions. Well, trust me, LITTLE EARTHQUAKES (Jennifer Weiner) is all that and then some tears. Really. I've read it whenever I need a pick me up. Or some girlfriends and can't get away.
By Bethany

Voting Now Closed! Stay tuned for the results.


Ms. Librarian said...

pollhost says the poll doesn't exist. Is there a problem?

jason evans said...

I tried too. I get the same error message. :(

It's okay, though, BSC. You still rock.

Bookseller Chick said...

It's fixed! It's fixed!

Bookwormom said...

I voted. Wanted to vote for two. :(

Eileen said...

I also wanted to vote for two- but for Jason's book I actually called my local independent and asked if they could get it for me.

jason evans said...

Thanks Eileen!!! Anne is also a very down-to-Earth person.

I will humbly thank, personally, anyone who buys a copy of Before I Wake and supports a great author. How's that for motivation? ;)

Eileen said...

Now chocolate always makes a good motivator. Just so you know