Monday, April 10, 2006

List for Bonnie (Cont’d)

Bonnie, I found one possible book title a couple of days ago (in answer to your search here), but since then I’ve taken a walk through our Young Adult section and discovered several more books that fit your qualifications.

Day of Tears (15.99) by Julius Lester

This is actually supposed to be shelved in Intermediate fiction (ages nine through twelve), but I’ve seen it misplaced before. Black and white cover with a silhouette (head only) that is gender neutral.

Ithaca (17.00) by Adele Geras

Black/gold cover with ancient Greek style pottery etchings. Re-imagining of the The Odyssey through the eyes of two young, female protagonists.

Falcondance (14.95) by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Third in the Kiesha’ra series, this slim, black hardcover has a silvery depiction of a falling boy with wings on the cover.

World of Eldaterra #1: Dragon Conspiracy (16.99) by P.R. Moredun

The story of James Kinghorn who slips through a portal to another world in 1910. Slim, black hardcover with cut-out to reveal a dragon in a preservation jar.

Looking For Alaska (15.99) by John Green

Slim, black hardcover with a candle on the cover (smoke swirling).

Johnny and the Dead (15.99) by Terry Pratchett

Black hardcover, gray gravestone with title on front.

Purple Emperor (17.95) by Herbie Brennan

Second in the Faerie Wars trilogy. Black/purplish cover. Male protag part of an ensemble cast.

Warrior Heir (16.99) by Cinda Williams Chima

Might be too new (release date on the computer was April 1st, but things have been known to ship early), but has a black cover with a large silver sword.

Teach Me (16.99) by R.A. Nelson

While it is a slim, black hardback, I doubt this is the book you are looking for due to its content (about a girl’s affair with her teacher).

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Diana Peterfreund said...

Also, I think BOTH of Holly Black's novels, "Tithe" and "Valiant" are black. Tithe has a face on the cover, and Valiant has a sword.