Thursday, April 06, 2006

Put On Your Deerstalker Cap (ETA: see bottom)

Hey ladies and gents,

Blogger is being weird to me so we'll keep this short. Bonnie mentioned on the Theories of the (Book) Universe thread that she was looking for this book:

...incidentally if anybody can help me locate the thin black hardbound book that may or may not have had a male face on the front cover and cost $16.95 or $17.95, formerly in the YA section of Borders, I would be forever grateful, 'cause I can't find it. It was last seen a month ago.

This sounds incredibly familiar to me, but we just did returns in my YA section so if anyone has a guess then post it here. Also on the book searching front, does anyone (now that there are more people coming here) know about this Harlequin Romance?

If we let our mental powers combine we might not reach full Captain Planet potential, but we might figure out these books.

Oh, and consider this thread open season for the "I'm looking for this book, but I can't remember..." questions. Do you have something you're trying to find?


Bonnie, I don't think this is the book you were looking for, but you might want to check out Road of the Dead. It doesn't have a black cover, but it does have a boy's face and it would have been in the Borders YA section a month ago. For some reason when I read your description it's this book that jumps into my head.


lady t said...

I've been trying to find a paperback version of Sir Charles Grandison for awhile now but it would be easier to hunt down the Holy Grail at this point!

Sir Charles Grandison was one of Jane Austen's favorite novels written by Samuel Richardson(who is best known for Pamela and Clarissa,both of which I have and were not hard to get). The only copies I've been able to locate are really expensive hardcover editions . I even tried using an Amazon UK used book search(Oxford University Press had a paperback edition that's gone out of print) and no dice.

lola said...

Re: the lady looking for the specific Harlequin.

I worked in a used bookstore in the 80s. We kept card files of Harlequin collectors and the books they were looking for. When it was slow at the store, I'd pull out the cards, search the racks, and call the collectors when I located something on their list.

Search "Harlequin collector". There were lots of these people back in the 80s and they were very serious about their collections. I'm sure if they're still around they could help.