Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Your Strawberry Lemon Drop

Thank you to everyone who commented on Ms. Librarian’s question, and congrats to those who posted for the first time (may you continue to post without the chocolate bribery). We have two winnahs (drawn in the completely cheat free process of me writing all of your names on the back of an old shopping list, cutting out said names, folding them, and drawing the winners from a canister I got at a baby shower), so Molly and Martha Brockenbrough need to email me at the address in the sidebar so I can some place to send your prizes (if you wondered, Molly you were body wash and Martha, you were jasmine rice/wasabi). If you are allergic to chocolate then please let me know and I’ll find a suitable substitute.

I would love to do some sort of contest like this biweekly or monthly. Ideally I would like to do it with books as prizes, a way to get authors’ novels out there to help spread the word. Maybe some sort of “win it before you can buy it” with an ARC? I don’t know. I’m just stream of consciousness typing this, really. Basically I just like the idea of rewarding those of you who aren’t afraid to put your thoughts out there.

In other news, the whole Kaavya Viswanathan story has been covered all over the place to be sure, but I found this article at GalleyCat that makes a good point. The packagers at Alloy should have noticed something was up, especially if they are in the business of teen literature. Does that make her any less guilty? No, but I would like to see why no one caught his before, McCafferty’s books are considered some of the front runners in the teen queen chick lit arena, so don’t tell me that no one at Alloy has read them.

If you’re a fan of comic books, specifically Frank Miller’s work (but you haven’t been too impressed with his later stuff), then you might want to check out this link (snagged from Meljean). A fantastic take on the T and A concept only with male characters.

And if you’re in to fantasy then you might want to check out the reviews for Naomi Novik’s first two books (in a trilogy) over at Dear which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sites.

And finally, when we weren’t amusing ourselves with this (and it provided hours of amusement due to the fact that we work in a mall and all of those people where there!), I won mucho bookseller points today by figuring that when my customer was asking about that “Greek book” about “building civilization” what he really meant was Sailing the Wine Dark Sea by Thomas Cahill. Thus proving that giving up my early childhood memories so that I could remember book titles was a good choice.

There was more that I wanted to share, I’m sure, but the lemony-strawberry-alcoholic goodness has caught up to me and it is now time for bed. Goodnight and Sweet Dreams.


Ms. Librarian said...

Thank you for all of your comments on my question! I am now reassured that I am not weird and a wuss for not wanting to read depressing "real life" stuff.

Bethany K. Warner said...

Those Thomas Cahill books are well-worth hunting for.

jane said...

I read the MSNBC article on the Kaavya Viswanathan copying of Megan McCafferty's books and part of me said, what is the big deal. There were concepts that seemed to be lifted but in romance, you see so many ideas redone over and over. Is Viswanathan's works going to sell less McCafferty books? Is this a wrong feeling to have? I am struggling to care (and maybe on the heels of the bitter read of Charmed Thirds, I can't be fair) and want someone to tell me why I should.

Anonymous said...

You should care because it wasn't just concepts, it was whole paragraphs with the wording only very slightly changed, and quite a number of them.

December Quinn said...

OMG!! Those spoof covers were amazing! LOL!