Monday, May 01, 2006

News Round-Up

If you’re a mommy and a blogger, a wannabee mommy blogger, or someone who just deals with kids all day then head on over to and leave your blogger info. Amy just got the job of rounding up blogs for Club Mom, and if she likes what you have to say on the subject of Mommyhood she could send thousands of readers your way. Who knows? You could go from Mommy Blogger to Mommy Author just by getting your name out there (although I can’t believe I’m saying that because bloggers who get handed book deals just scare the hell out of me for no apparent reason).

There’s a new listserv created by Eric Selinger of DePaul University for those who like to be academic about their romance. Deep discussion, hot reads and good recommendations are sure to abound.

Diana carries on the discussion of “Bloovies? Movoks?” on her blog.

For Post Secret fans looking for something more, Found II hit stores recently (a sister book to Found Magazine and a follow-up to Found, which was published in 2004).

And if you’re in a Found mood, but looking for a little animal influence, then check out Ken Foster’s The Dogs Who Found Me. It’s been a huge hit at my store (and hard to keep in stock).

For links of a more literate nature, check out this compilation by the Written Nerd on the news of words and the words in news.

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