Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Things I Have Learned: Alcohol Brings People Together

Yesterday I learned:

There is a club promoter named Tequila Mockingbird (thanks Ronnie).

There is a sound/music studio in Austin named Tequila Mockingbird, and if I tell them that Annette sent me they may do the Bookseller Chick theme song…which they will have to compose entirely on their own because I’m tone deaf.

There was a Get Smart! episode called Tequila Mockingbird in which “Smart and 99 pose as a flamenco dancer and a seedy doctor to fool KAOS as both search for hidden gems in Mexico.” This is one of those things I missed when my mom kept kicking us outside to play instead of letting us watch Nick at Nite. Hide and seek at night, Ma? We could have killed ourselves (especially after the bit with the scary tales, the full moon and the cape, you evil woman). Apologies to Paul for my lack of pop culture knowledge. If Get Smart! is on DVD, I’ll do my best to rectify the situation.

So what have I learned from all of this? Well, to quote Chuck Palahnuik, “There is nothing a blue-collar nobody in Oregon with a public school education can imagine that a million-billion people haven’t already done…” (Fight Club, new intro, xix-xx)

In my favor is the fact that my Tequila Mockingbird recipe contained Coca Cola Blak, which is new, but really if we changed a few pertinent facts in the above quote to be reflective of me the sentiment would be correct.


I’m liking this “literate” drink book idea (although unless we went through lulu.com I’m thinking it would be the literate drink link in the side bar, something I’m totally cool with). I know that there is a Hemingway Cocktail, which is odd to me because Hemingway loved his daiquiris (I thought), so what’s up with the champagne (forever pronounced Sham-pon-ya in honor of Walken’s stint on Saturday Night Live). Anyone have an explanation for this?

Anyone have any other literature related drink recipes? Is there a Dorothy Parker? Or an Algonquin Round Table (or maybe we can just make it an Algonquin Sidecar take-off)?

They don’t have to be drinks after literate drunks, they could be a twist on a book title (or the book title itself). Imagine, if you will, a rendition of the Four Horsemen (of the Apocalypse) renamed (and reconfigured) to be known as a Good Omens (newly re-released in hardback for your collecting pleasure).

And we’ve already got the whole Star Wars book phenomena taken care of with the Darth Vader (guaranteed to kick in thirty minutes after being consumed and kick your ass for the next three hours).

So c’mon y’all. Put on your mixologist hat, ignore your liver, and chill some vodka in the freezer. Who or what deserves to have a drink named after them, and what should be in it? Already existing drink recipes greatly appreciated too.


Christina said...

Get Smart! OMG, I used to love that show when I was a kid. I think I found it funnier then than I would now, unfortunately. I feel like if I were to pick up the DVDs and actually watch it all the way through, I'd somehow be disappointed.

Anyway, I'm always happy to see references to it. Also, I think the hide and seek at night is called Manhunt, these days - loads of fun!

Kerry said...

There's a cocktail called the Aunt Agatha from the 1970's era Trader Vic's handbooks--rum, bitters and orange juice. Not quite in the spirit of PG Wodehouse (I think gin or Pimm's) but good when it's hot out. Wodehouse is best read in temperatures of 85+ degrees.