Monday, July 31, 2006

In the Brief

Things that happened that I thought you might find interesting (or just forgot to tell you about up until this point):

Karen found her book—A.E. Van Vogt’s Mixed Men. Thought y’all might want to know in case you found the premise as interesting as she did.

McSweeney’s takes a look at Axl Rose’s relationship with his editor via their correspondence (thanks to POD-dy Mouth for the link). Sweet Child O’ Mine suddenly makes so much more sense…

This just in from Booksquare, Penguin is starting a publisher blog as well. Who wants to tell them that they aren’t the first kids on the block to play with this brand new technology? Simon and Schuster? Harper Collins? Anyone?

This blog has apparently been syndicated/has a live feed/whatever (somebody will have to clue me in on the terminology) over on LiveJournal. I have no idea how this happened (I just stumbled upon the information) or if this blog feeds anywhere else (dude, I want to know if I have a MySpace page), but if LJ works better for you then you know have the option.

Ack! Why did no one tell me that Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series had been turned into a TV show? Now I’m going to have to seriously consider getting someone with Showtime to record it for me. If you’ve been looking for a good crime novel with a side of serial killer humor, the Dexter novels are excellent. I can only hope that the TV show does them justice.

Via the Millions: New Yorker lovers can now head over to Emdashes and question to New Yorker librarians about the magazine. Everything you ever wanted to know in the minute detail we’ve come to expect from people who work with the dewy decimal system.

S’alright, I’m off to grab some breakfast and stretch my legs. I’ll be back later with some type of real post. Have a great day!


SteveInLA13 said...


I have a friend in the entertainment biz who says he saw the pilot episode for the 'Dexter' series and that it was fantastic. He synopsized it for me and, I have to admit, he made it sound darned good.


Ms. Librarian said...

I read the "Mixed Men" way back in ... mumble, mumble ... when I was young - it's remained one of my favorites by Van Vogt.