Saturday, August 19, 2006

Feel Like Wasting A Little Time?

Go see Ask a Ninja and learn why you should (or shouldn’t) give gift cards to those you love.

Or you could wander on over to the Go Fug Yourself Girls’ website and witness what happens when books and fashion collided (in the early eighties).

If you’re an author searching for a way to give your book talk a bit more pizzazz, you should check out Andrea Seigel’s performance from a signing earlier this month (her website has just as much attitude).

And the Chick Lit debate carries on.

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quiche said...

I think more authors should dance--I'd like to see Tim Russert do something similar when he promotes his next book. I'm finally reading Laurie Notaro's account of bookstore signings "We Thought You Would Be Prettier." It's interesting to see the other side.

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