Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fully Ensconced In My Geekdom And Linking It Fine

For those who wanted to know how to contact me (and didn’t read Lorraine’s response), my email is in the right sidebar as the purple button. You can either click on the button or just type what is says into your email system of choice.

I was going to write up something brilliant last night, but then I realized a.) brilliant is kind of reaching and I should instead try for mediocre with a side of Duuuuude, and b.) I would rather go watch old Buffy episodes for free on the big screen with Hot Teacher Chick and Emo Guy and chow down on a cheesy, pepper-slathered hamburger. See what I mean about mediocre with a side of Dude? The show, company, burger and beer were all excellent though.

So instead of following up on yesterday’s questions about narrative and answering my emails, I will instead just pass along some links.

John Mavroudis talks about what went into taking his New Yorker cover idea and making it a reality. Interesting stuff (found by way of Emdashes).

Bookshelves of Doom had this great link to Banned Book Bracelets. How cool is that? It reminds me of those t-shirts someone was making featuring fictional places from books (Russo’s cafe, etc) that I now cannot find the link for.

Over at Conversations with Famous Writers, there was an interview with John Shors a while back. Shors’ historical novel, Beneath a Marble Sky, has done quite well at my store and something you definitely want to pick up if you’re feeling in the mood for something that favorable compares to Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha.

Robin Brande talks about what happens when your publisher decides to do a big ol’ publicity push for your book. Sounds fabulous, Robin, except for the part where you have to talk to all those people. Congrats on surviving!

“Mr.” Bookdwarf pops in on the “Mrs.’s” blog to talk books—a lot of them—and leaves some short, concise recommendations on some great titles.

David J. Montgomery talks the ten commandments of getting your book reviewed.

Via the Written Nerd (who I will have coffee with one day, some day, just probably not in Brooklyn), Robert Gray talks about website visions for your bookstore, but I think the same can apply to an author or group website as well.

Mystery Strumpet, Clayton Moore of Bookslut, takes a look at a bunch of new mysteries, including Hiaasen’s Nature Girl.

Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog, a fan club, and a café press. I thought you should know. Go and practice ye olde English skills (of which I have none).


Robin Brande said...

Talking to people is fun. Wearing high-heeled, pointy shoes while you do it is not.

Little Willow said...

Great links, hilarious titles. :)