Friday, September 08, 2006

The Hit Parade (With Links)

Yesterday was wonderful: the new customers were interesting and the regulars all stopped by to say hi and maybe buy a book or two. We were on and so were the customers with jokes, stories, and way too much laughter flying back and forth over the counter. I met a man whose spacesuit is apparently in the Smithsonian (he was quite the character) as well as reenacted a telenovela type drama with another customer over a bag. Good times.

It was an ideal customer service day with the added bonus that most of our store technical difficulties were fixed as well. While I’m hoping to repeat this golden goodness today—as well as unbox more product—y’all can entertain yourselves with some links (whether or not they qualify as a hit parade, you’ll have to let me know).

Check out what Lisa Beth Kovetz has to say about erotic in “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves.

Meg Cabot talks about “When Authors Lose Their Minds.

C. Max Magee takes a look at who is using Google books.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer kids pick the books with the eye-catching covers (thanks to Bookshelves of Doom—who has the best name ever—for the link).

The New York Times say that magazines are going to the net to get kids to read. Shocker! (Thanks, Medialoper.)

Go to GalleyCat and learn about the online media campaign for Diane Setterfield’s book, The Thirteenth Tale, and then go to the book’s website and enter to win money and books (if you feel like invoking my name at that same time, journalistic integrity does not keep me from accepting free money or books as I’m not a journalist—just a book whore). Which reminds me, did any of you get an ARC for this book? And if so, was it any good? Inquiring minds want to know before they are drawn in by the moody stack of books on the cover.

Those of you interested in some new SciFi/Fantasy, you might want to read the outtakes from the Slush God’s interview with Josh Conviser, author of the book Echelon.

The Man in Black (no, not Johnny Cash), Jason Pinter, talks viral marketing and includes a link to this video as an example. The lesson here? Don’t be Microsoft.

Speaking of videos, have you seen Anne Frasier’s Pale Immortal trailer? Other than it running a bit too long (I have to be in the mood for art house), I’m liking it a lot. I feel a great need to check out the soundtrack and the Chambermaids’ website.

Garth Nix has created a Viking poem in honor of the fallen friend of the crocodile. Goodbye, you crazy Aussie. We’ll miss you.

I hope your Friday is wonderful.


lady t said...

I recieved an ARC of Thirteenth Tale over the summer and even reviewed for my blog(they've really upgraded the website-so cool!). Thirteenth Tale is a wonderful gothic mystery that booklovers should pounce on as it hits the bookstores:)

Ms. Librarian said...

I just got an email from Marcia Talley -- she writes mysteries about a heroine named Hannah Ives. Her newest book -- Through the Darkness -- is just being released. Here's a link to the Press Release. It sounds like such an interesting premise for a book ...

Kanani said...

Ahhh.. now that's a nice poem.
I've written something about Steve Irwin as well. I got so much mail from my friends in Oz, I posted it on my blog.

Eileen said...

You always have the best links.