Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On This Day Ye Be Talkin' Like Pirates

Whether it be Pyrates

or Pirates!

or those souls in disguise,

Remember that there be those with a long,



And those that be not pirates at all!

But if he be of the pirate walk and the pirate talk, p'raps ye best learn to do the same,

or p'raps ye've known all along.

For on this day where ye find the pirate inside yerself, have some grog on me.



Pirate Tones said...

Yarr! Jolly Pirate Day Ye Scurvy Mates!

Diane P said...

So does this mean you are going to the Portland Pirate Festival by the St. John's Bridge on the 23rd sponsered by Salvador Molly's?

Robin L said...

Love, love, love BLOODY JACK. Terrific book, for both kids and adults!

Beth said...

I can totally vouch for THE PYRATES. It's so damn funny that I'm ebarrassed at how much I laugh. Brilliant comedy.

Karmela Johnson said...

I'm researching the Devil (Mephistopheles, Lucifer) and his minions. Can you do a similar list for the Devil sometime in the future?

Karmela Johnson