Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas To All!!!!

Holiday signage down? Check.

Sore Feet? Check.

One really weird Christmas Eve sales day over? Check.

Presents wrapped and ready? Check.

Car ride to parents’ home where excellent booze and food reside? Bring. It. On!

Make with the Merry this evening whatever you celebrate and avoid thinking about retail for as long as possible.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Robin Brande said...

Merry Christmas, BSC! Thanks for bringing cheer to all your readers all year long. Take the weekend off--you certainly deserve it.

Kate R said...

YaY! It's OVER!
Congrats, BSC for surviving.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas BSC! I work for one of the big 2 book chains and have been experiencing much of what you have been going through. Reading your recaps of the season have helped keep me sane. Thank God the first part is over, now come the returns and the people that want to trade their gift cards for cash.


Eileen said...

Merry Christmas. I have so loved your blog over the past year- it is the kind of gift that keeps on giving.

RandomRanter said...

Happy Holidays!

Josh said...

Have a wonderful, exciting, but restful Christmas. The new year comes but once.

Buffy said...

Hope you had an excellent holiday and aren't too worse for wear! Remember, there's still next weekend.