Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Your Mission...

I'm a dork. I was writing up a work document to post and I somehow managed to close the stupid thing. Long story short is that the long document is now gone and I don't have time to recreate it.

Proof that I'm way to wordy.

So your mission:

Go to Brotherhood 2.0 and watch the latest vid-blog. If you can't see the vidblog just wave your mouse over the space and a little hand will appear. Double click and it will take you to You Tube.

After congratulating John Green on his Printz (spelling?) honor, follow his brother in taking books and adding the suffix "in your pants" to their titles.

Example: The Paradox of your pants

Post any funny ones here.

(An Abundance of Katherines in your pants definitely ranks up there, John)


Marta said...

Scott Spencer's Endless Love...In Your Pants
Janet Evonovich's Plum Lovin'...In Your Pants
Mitch Ablom's One More Day...In Your Pants
Julie Garwood's Slow Burn...In Your Pants
The Pursuit of Happyness...In Your Pants

tresorbleu said...

The Nasty Bits...In Your Pants
Dreams of My Russian Summers...In Your Pants.
Memoirs of a Geisha...In Your Pants
Kitchen Confidential...In Your Pants
The God Delusion...In Your Pants
War & Peace...In Your Pants
Chocolat...(this is way too easy)
Yes, BSC, this is your boss, just had to play along, too.
A Cook's Tour...In Your Pants.
Tony Bourdain...(gotta stop)

BuffySquirrel said...

Damn, I was going to post War and Peace...


*glances at bookshelf*

I am a your pants.

(is n/f allowed?)

kp said...

Uncivilized Beasts and Shameless Hellions ... in your pants

Mishima's Sword ... in your pants

the Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl . .. in your pants

this is almost as much fun as our other favorite game at work:
imagine book titles as read by Samuel L. Jackson with the word m*&%#!f*%$#! at the end.

Jo said...

The Canterbury Ghost ... In your pants.
Jane Eyre ... in your pants
Pride and Prejudice ... in your pants (heh)
Oliver Twist ... in your pants
Lad, A Dog ... in your pants
Woe Is I ... in your pants

Dawn Firelight said...


Frankenstein...In Your Pants
Paradise Lost...In Your Pants
Sons and Lovers...In Your Pants
Rebel Ice...In Your Pants
Quarantine...In Your Pants

And as a tribute to Shakespeare:
As You Like It...In Your Pants
The Merry Wives of Windsor...In Your Pants
The Tempest...In Your Pants

God, this is addictive.

Bithalynn said...

Lee Child has a couple funny ones: your pants
Echo your pants
The your pants
One your pants

or Jayne Ann Krentz:
Silver Linings...
Sweet Fortune...
Perfect Partners...
Hidden Talents...
Trust Me...
Lost and Found...
Truth or Dare...
but the funniest is her title Sharp Edges...

dawn firelight is right this is addictive

Word Nerd said...

Some of the Laurell K. Hamilton titles work really well.

Guilty Pleasures... in your pants
Killing your pants

Also, another one.
(Joanne Harris)... Gentlemen & Players... in your pants

angelle said...

I am at work, and I can't tell if my work bookshelf is making this game better or worse . . .

The Idea of your pants
Great Books for your pants
Wonders of Victorian your pants

and what may be my best/worst favorite (drumroll)

Armies of your pants

canadacole said...

The latest Nora Roberts trilogy is sitting by my bedside. Just before falling asleep I noticed:

Morrigan's Cross...
Dance of the Gods...

and more accurately:

Valley of Silence...

What a trilogy! Now I need to stop. :)

Saipan Writer said...

HOOT in your pants.

Thank you Carl Hiassen.

quiche said...

The Freaks of Mayfair... in your pants
Paying Guests... in your pants
(thank you, E.F. Benson)

Eats, Shoots and your pants
Tales too ticklish to your pants

The White your pants
Village Centenary... in your pants
No Holly for Miss your pants
(thank you Miss Read)

Penny L. Richards said...

From my nearest shelf:
Everything is your pants

A Suitable your pants

Angels and your pants

Oooh, and practically any Iris Murdoch title works...
The Unicorn... in your pants
The Nice and the your pants
The Sacred and Profane Love your pants
An Accidental Man... in your pants
Nuns and your pants
etc. etc.