Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blog ‘em, Dano: Calling All Bloggers!

Three months and ten days ago, Sara Walker emailed me to tell me about the Book Lust Wiki, a companion community to Nancy Pearl’s website Book Lust.

“How cool is that?” I thought, and then promptly went on with my day. I may have told y’all about it, burying its link between newspaper articles and links to other blog entries discussing the gossip of the day, or I may not. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember. But as I was working on whittling down my email box today, I once again came across Sara’s email. “Perhaps I should check this out.”

This time I actually did—hey, that’s what my newly rediscovered follow-through is for—and wow, did I have a good time. For example, I created a Bookseller Blog page (as it was sorely needed) and added myself, the Written Nerd, Bookdwarf and Little Willow (all of whom may want to edit their information), but I know that I’m missing many, many people. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or the energy to add all of my sidebar links to the appropriate places, nor do I think of myself as the official authority on all these categories, which is where you come in.

Booksellers, go add yourself using the Easy Edit key.

Librarians, spread your wisdom and talented organizational skills to the world by linking yourself and others (there’s another designation for straight library websites), so that all may know your shushing power.

Readers, add blogs that I have no clue about, and your own to immortalize your authority on all things paginated.

The rest of you (because I’m sure I’ve missed some niche), go find out what category you/someone else belong(s) in (look at the scrolling side bar on the left hand side of the page)—or, should your designation be lacking, create one by following the instructions on this page—and add another link to increase your/someone else’s Technorati numbers and love.

(‘Cause it is all about the book love, baby. Oooh, it makes my pages flutter.)

The Book Lust Wiki needs your help to build its links, and it is your job—nay, your duty as a book lover—to provide the information that you have collected through your various blog hopping to make this the best Book Blog Wiki it can possibly be! Come, better yourself and others through the wisdom of crowds! James Surowiecki, Dan Tapscott and Anthony Williams would be so proud of you.

Be warned: the procrastination that lies there in is seductive, but as it is a good cause, I can honestly say that it is better for you than playing Solitaire or Snood (evil, evil, time-squandering game!).


Little Willow said...

Thank you for thinking of me! How sweet. :)

Little Willow said...

Postscript: You have email.

Chris said...

Thanks for the link to Book Lust. Cool site.