Thursday, April 12, 2007

Goodbye, Kurt.

Goodbye, Mr. Vonnegut. Goodnight and Goodbye.

You'll be missed.


julia said...

I was always so thrilled to be born on Kurt Vonnegut's birthday. I always smiled when he was referred to as being like nobody else, because I knew the only ones he could possibly be like were the other Nov. 11th people. And we're used to that, so we don't mind.

The only way to see the world in a completely fresh way is to be like no one else. Mr. Vonnegut struggled with depression but I've always felt that the price tag to brilliance is often a steep one. Could he have written such quirky social satire if his mind had not worked the way it did, depression included? Perhaps it sounds easy for me to say, but my husband has bipolar disorder, so I know the price first hand.

I am grateful that Kurt Vonnegut was able to craft such remarkable works while wrestling with such a sneaky affliction. To me he is doubly impressive - as a groundbreaking writer and as a man who made it through all of those difficult days.

Cristin said...

I just wrote about Mr. Vonnegut on one of my blogs...I was writing about how inclusive a writer he is. The reader always feels respected and worthy of Vonnegut's distinct humor and unique observations. He will remain a cranially supreme, extraordinarily important literary voice. Yes, he will be missed indeed.