Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bookie Time, Excellent

Work has been unexpectantly busy already this week. Focus was required, long hours were spent laboring over Excel, extra eye drops were needed to keep my contacts from drying out, hyperbole abounded.

No blogs were posted though since I had to actually work.

My homework for the Denver Publishing Institute is supposed to arrive today (with any luck it will be there when I get home). I’ve been driving people crazy while I waited. Originally I thought it was supposed to arrive the week before last, and when it didn’t I shot off an email to the school. Did it go to the wrong address? Had the US Postal Service continued its war against me (which in the past resulted in a W2 arriving three weeks late with a hole punched through it, my insurance packet not arriving at the insurance company in time, and various letters of semi-importance disappearing into the ether)? What would happen if my homework didn’t arrive?

Really, how much time would I have to procrastinate?

Turns out that they hadn’t sent the package yet; it went out via UPS on Tuesday of last week. It arrived on Friday while I was at work so the UPS guy said he would try again today. My apartment manager also said he would keep an eye out for it, which is good because it is so very beautiful outside and I think a trip to the park or local coffee shop with outdoor seating is in the cards.

I just love to read in the sun and I want to cut down on my paleness. A girl who comes by my hair color naturally just shouldn’t be this white. It’s blinding. Plus I have to catch up on all the reading that I didn’t do over Memorial Day weekend.

So just for the sake of asking:

Read anything good lately?


Angelle said...

You've likely already read it (I'm running behind as these things go), but I really enjoyed "The Mistress Of The Art Of Death" by Ariana Franklin.

But reconsider this whole sun thing. That tingling you feel is radiation, after all.

Lesa said...

Angelle mentioned "The Mistress of The Art of Death." Loved it!

I'm currently reading The Hindi-Bindi Club by Monica Pradhan about two generations of Indian women. The mothers were immigrants from India, and the daughters were born here, 30-some years ago. Very good about culture, generational differences and family relationships.

Lesa Holstine

FIONA said...

I picked up some nonfiction, for a change, and couldn't put it down. The book is ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MIRACLE by Barbara Kingsolver.

It was a great read, and gave me much to think about.

The last fiction I read THE KILLER ANGELS. WOW. I read it for the first time several years ago. Reading it agian, in the context of the current war, was an interesting experience.

web said...

I got the book you recommended to me from the library, but haven't started it yet.

Meanwhile, tag, you're it! http://bunnyplanet.blogspot.com/2007/05/o-figure-eight-as-double-four-o.html

Anonymous said...

I'm reading The Little Friend by Donna Tartt and not sure I'm liking it. I'm yearning for a present action feel rather than a distant, academic storytelling feel. Not sure if I'm going to make it.

Maya Reynolds said...

Just finished Lee Child's "Bad Luck and Trouble." I love reading the Jack Reacher adventures so it was pure pleasure.

Worderella said...

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I finished it last week and I'm still geeking out about it.