Thursday, May 17, 2007

Free books! Free books for the Readers! (Now Closed)

Remember when I interviewed Gil and Sandi and said I had books of theirs to give away to people who commented (specifically one of those people chosen at random)? Well, perhaps it was a mistake of me to ask you to comment on interviews are that are, for the most part, already over and done with. Instead let me offer you a new forum. If you're interested in receiving a copy of Sandi or Gil's book, just comment below (or email me via the handy email address in the sidebar) specifying which one (or both despite the fact they are two very different books) and I'll add you to the drawing. I need to know if y'all are interested in this type of book giveaway so I should judge how (and if) I ask for books in the future.

So, just a reminder on the two very different books up for grabs, you have a choice of:

Aftermath, Inc: Cleaning Up After CSI Goes Home by Gil Reavill:

A crime writer who thought he could handle anything confronts the worst of everything. Violent and unattended deaths...suicide...forensics...viral pathology...crime scene myths...The stories behind Aftermath, Inc. are stranger than fiction, and utterly human and compelling.

Like most people, true-crime writer Gil Reavill had never actually experienced a fresh crime scene. That is, until he met Tim Reifsteck and Chris Wilson, owners of Aftermath, Inc., a company in the new field of "bioremediation." In the mid-80s, when a sea change occurred in the way biohazard clean-up was handled, no one in traditional cleaning or janitorial services would come within ten feet of a blood-spattered crime scene. Into this void stepped lifelong friends Tim and Chris, who filled a desperate need by founding their company. For the guys of Aftermath, no crime scene is too bloody to clean.

Aftermath, Inc. traces their history, introducing their clients and employees, and the cops, coroners, and detectives they encounter in their work. Gil goes on scene and works side by side with the Aftermath technicians. He tells the stories that led up to some of Aftermath's most grisly clean-up jobs, taking us on a journey through the suburban Midwest where the company is based, home to some of the quietest, calmest, most ordinary blocks in the world, which hide much darker undercurrents beneath.

The issues that the Aftermath crew members face on a daily basis range from the mundane (What's the best way to suppress the urge to regurgitate?) to the lofty (How does being exposed to death on a daily basis alter one's personal philosophy?). Reavill approaches his task with respect and compassion, taking as his mantra a line from the Roman poet Terence-- "Nothing human is foreign to me."


A Piece of Normal by Sandi Kahn Shelton:

At age thirty-four, Lily Brown has her life just the way she likes it. And what’s not to like? She’s got a great job as an advice columnist for the local newspaper, an adorable four-year-old son, and an ex-husband, Teddy, who still thinks she’s wonderful. She even lives in the same beach house where she grew up, with a great view of Long Island Sound and plenty of beach roses to smell.

So what if she won’t let herself date anyone until she finds a new girlfriend for Teddy, who happens to still be hung up on her? So what if she hasn’t changed a thing in her parents’ house, even twelve years after their tragic deaths? So what if it’s been ten years since she’s heard from her younger sister, Dana, who stormed out of the house in a rage when she was a teenager? Lily is fine.

But it’s funny how life has a way of upsetting even the most perfectly laid-out plans, and when one night Lily finds herself painting ghastly orange highlights into her lovely auburn hair, even she suspects that she’s been in something of a rut. And then, when her long-lost little sister shows up, bringing with her the fun and drama and hell-raising spontaneity Lily has missed, her life suddenly takes a turn for the unexpected.

To Lily’s chagrin, Dana’s energy seems to enthrall everyone, especially Teddy. As the tension between the sisters escalates, Dana reveals decades-old family secrets that she’s been burdened with all these years, and Dear Lily must heed her own advice about accepting life’s messiness and chaos.

With her trademark blend of sparkling wit and characters you can’t forget, Sandi Kahn Shelton tells a compelling and universal story of two sisters who learn what they need to let go of, and what they have to hold on to as tightly as they can.
You've got until Saturday to comment. I have one copy of each book to give away.


Cheryl said...

Ah, me I want the guy's book.

Sheryl Scarborough said...

Another Sheryl... I want Aftermath, too. How many copies do you have?

Tom in Sarasota said...

I'd love to read Aftermath Inc


Miri said...

Aftermath, Inc. sounds incredible! Just the thing for my rather morbid sense of humor and interest in forensics...odd.

Book giveaways are always, always good. Always.

Thanks for the great blog.


Anonymous said...

I would love either! I think I have heard of the Aftermath people- there was an article in the Chicago Trib, I believe, about two years ago.

Jen C

web said...

You recommended Sandi Shelton for me, so I wanna take you up on that!

Elsandra said...

I'd love the Aftermath book!

Chris said...

I'd take the Sandi Shelton one.

Great idea, btw. Thanks.

Kate said...

HI there! Both sound great! Count me in!

sandy said...

CSI cleanup in aisle 3!

Calley said...

I'd love to give Sandi's book a read! That brief really piqued my interest!