Saturday, May 19, 2007

Retirement in the Air (not me)

Is it just me, or is there retirement in the air? First Nadia Cornier retired her blog on May 11th and now Miss Snark announced her departure from the blogosphere this morning.

Cornier has removed her past blog entries and plans on pooling the best of the best together with handouts she written for various seminars and conventions to form an ebook she will sell on her site. Part of the proceeds will go to fund Absynthe Muse, a non-profit (that Ms. Cornier is on the board of) young adult writing community. She’ll also be updating and upgrading the Firebrand agency website and may return to the blogging world in some capacity via her official site (no guarantees though).

Miss Snark, on the other hand, is leaving her blog up with the archives intact for the use of snarklings new and old alike for the foreseeable future. Her email account, however, will be closed in the next couple of days and this will be the end of the crapometer.

It will be interesting to see if any other blogging agents or full time book bloggers follow in their path in the near future. Good luck on your next endeavors, ladies.

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julia said...

Miss Snark is on an awful lot of bloggers' links. 'There will be a million voices crying out in terror, and then suddenly silenced.'