Friday, June 08, 2007

Free books for Teens

I'm deep in pony-land (the land of people who do not listen and get angry about for no reason--not to be confused with My Little Pony Land, the place of sparkles and giggles), but I thought I'd post this news while I have a chance.

Kris Reisz posted on his site that Simon Pulse is offering ARCs and free novels to teens in return for getting their opinion. If you know a teen who might be interested they can download the application form here. Unfortunately it does not look like adults who like to read YA novels are allowed to apply.


Back to pony land I go.


lady macleod said...

as in "my little pony' land? Oh my what memories. I built a My Little Pony mansion complete with pool and ceiling fans when my daughter was five. I think everyone in my house is too old to qualify for the free books offer. nuts!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah...

"In the Hamptons, the au pairs will play mommy all day and play hard all night. They'll slip into scandalous bikinis, sip on star-fruit margaritas, and skip out for sultry skinny-dips on Georgica Pond. They'll brave bratty kids, deal with bitchy bosses, cool those blistering sunburns, and handle some very hot, very bad boys."

That just makes my head hurt.

Anonymous said...

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