Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The “Just the Links, Ma’am” Edition

I see that some of you are having fun with Google Analytics. Good for you. I’ll put up the information regarding the other programs on the column soon. In fact, renovations and redecorating sound like something to do in between sending out cover letters and resumes. While I’m focusing on that, and lining up more goodness for this blog, here’s something to keep you occupied.

The Smart Bitches have a very informative interview up with three authors on the subject of making and using book trailers to advertise your book. Though the authors are all represent the Romance genre the advice they pass along and their thoughts on the book trailer subject are applicable to all. I especially agree with Tony McGee Causey’s advice to make use of the lower cost options around you, such as using grad students in theatre and film programs or connections through friends. Within two degrees of my friend group I know several actors, graphic designers, directors and film editors and I also happen to live a little over ten blocks away from the Art Institute where many budding artists attend. We’re all trying to make a name for ourselves doing something, and I know many people are willing to do something for less money if it allows them to build their portfolio.

Speaking of book trailers, don’t forget about Marta Acosta’s contest for the Best and Worst Book Trailer of a Classic Novel, which now has a trailer all its own. The deadline has been extended to September 15th. First prize is Adobe Creative Design Suite 3 Premium Pro.

Nephele Tempest of the Knight Agency breaks down Best-sellers vs. bestsellers.

Booksquare has a post up relating to book trailers, word of mouth and all other forms of reaching a reading public in, “Reaching Readers: The Door-to-Door Theory.”

Jessica at the Written Nerd posts her own thoughts on America’s reading habits.

Just a heads up to all you interested in the Bookselling World, the ABA (American Booksellers Association) has a blog called the ABA Omnibus, “a regular update on bookselling, retail, authors, culture, technology, and…”

Also of interest, Bookselling This Week has an article on Booksellers Who Blog highlighting the aforementioned Written Nerd among others.

In “Me, Me, It’s All About Me!” news, I’ve seen my name in print (and it is a glooooorious thing that will probably never happen again). I received my copy of The New Writer’s Handbook 2007 from Scarletta Press, in which my blog essay “Your Gateway Drug” appears. The book also contains essays from amazing folks like Neil Gaiman, Rosina Lippi, Jane Yolen, Erica Jong, Lynn Viehl, and Linda Sue Park (among others who are old hands at seeing their name in print). Now that all the visiting members of my family have left town, I’ll hopefully get a chance to sit down and read it.

My precioussssssssss.

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