Sunday, October 21, 2007

For the Harry Potter fans out there

funny cat picture

Here's the story straight from Jo herself, in case you hadn't heard. Thanks to A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy for the news and the good people at I Can Has Cheezburger for the illustration.


Kaleb Nation said...

Bah. Rowling's publicity genius has cooked up another headline. She was on the front page for the whole weekend, and now everybody knows all about her big US tour. Coincidence?

Hathery said...

For me, the comment about "not having blushed this much since Madame Pomfrey said she liked my new earmuffs" gave it away. And I'm pretty sure that was book 1, actually.

EmoBoy said...

I have it on good authority (me) that BSC just received a shiny new laptop and now has NO reason not to feed her frenzied fans full of flowery fiction!

Demand satisfaction!