Monday, March 07, 2011

Literary Love and Links

I just spent the evening trying to clean up/update all the sidebar links, which resulted in a lot of deleted dead links. I know that in some cases people have started up somewhere else, so if you've got an update that I missed, please let me know. In meantime, here are some links new and old that are good for passing the time:

According to Flavorwire, Moleskine is launching a new product line; something that fills with me glee because I love Moleskine. The collections will be for Writing, Reading and Travelling, and "will include bags, pencils, pens, reading glasses, computer cases, a USB rechargeable reading light, and an e-reader stand." I'm very excited to see what the Travelling line will be.

The Fug Girls will now be fugging it up literary style! Heather and Jessica have written a YA novel, Spoiled, that will be out June 1st, 2011.

“The closest sixteen-year old Molly Dix has gotten to the red carpet is watching it on E!; gorgeous, spoiled Brooke Berlin was practically born on one in Beverly Hills. Their worlds couldn’t be farther apart, until Molly discovers the long-kept secret that sends her spinning into Brooke’s orbit: They share a father, Brick Berlin, world-famous movie star and tabloid regular. Intrigued (and a little bit terrified) by her Hollywood lineage, Molly dives into the deep end of celebrity life by moving to Southern California — where Brooke is waiting, armed with a smothering dose of ‘sisterly love’… and a plan.”
Both novel and fashionable (though not in the same vein), the ladies from Fashion from Old People tumblr did a lovely drawing inspired by Geek Love (among other things).

In other literature/tumblr news, if you haven't been following Slaughterhouse 90210 then you should be. It truly is a match made in pop culture heaven.

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