Friday, February 23, 2007

Ask a Bookseller...

Questions about bookselling? Bookseller behavior? Bookseller interactions in the wild?

Or even questions about that wild--the bookstore--itself?

Put 'em in the comments and I'll find someone to answer them for you (or maybe answer them myself).


Miri said...

I've heard a lot about how Barnes and Nobles is a really big deal with publishers. Like, if B&N can't shelf it, publishers won't buy it. How much influence does B&N (and other big-deal booksellers) have on the publishing industry?

Thanks for the great blog, by the way. It's informative and it's fun. What more can you ask for?


Anonymous said...

You've seen many authors give readings. In your opinion, what made for a successful event. What types of presentations sold a lot of books (and I don't mean from the well-established James Pattersons and Nora Roberts of the world)and left the audience with warm feelings?

Thanks so much.

Robin Brande said...

Those are both great questions. I second those.

And add this: what's your favorite thing that an author did when he or she stopped by your store? I'm talking about something that person did for you--whether it was bringing donuts or ordering pizzas or simply behaving in a way that made you feel great.


Lori said...

I'd like to piggyback on the question about author and readings/signings, if I might.

What's your take on give-aways? Say for instance, an author offers a gift basket or bookstore gift certificate to the first (or tenth, if you will) person who purchases the author's book. Have you ever seen this done? If so, did it prove worth the effort?

Thanks for being such a wonderful resource.

Anonymous said...

I am considering opening a bookstore soon and would like your take on the everyday life of being in a bookstore (as an employee) for 8-10 hours a day, 5 days (or however many you worked) a week.
Likes, dislikes... were you longing for the end of the workday, or did you wake up looking forward to going to work? From reading some of your posts, I assume you moved up to management.
Anyway, without going on and on, I think you get the idea of what I'm looking for.
I am trying to get on with B&N for some experience, but they are not hiring until April/May.

Thanks. Your blog is most informative.

Anonymous said...

How do you decide where to shelve something (ie Romance versus general fiction)? Do you have a sense if "special" sections work better versus the general area?

Little Willow said...

From one bookseller to another: If you owned your own bookstore, what genre(s) would dominate the shelves?

Anonymous said...

At the ripe age of 20, I have realized that my dream is to open an independent book store, contrary to my pending degree in Public Relations. What words of wisdom can you offer me in this venture? I have no idea where to begin after I graduate, except that I need to save furiously.

Thank you.