Monday, January 23, 2006

About that Podcast Thing…Joseph Nassise Shows Me the Way

So remember during my little marketing/publicity rant I talked about putting any audio files of your radio interviews on your website? At the same time I meant to hit on Podcasts, only I think I forgot which is often what happens when I rant and post and then try to remember the entirety of my rant while in the grips of a migraine. What I meant to say all those many days ago, is that Podcasts are everywhere and if you have the voice (or know someone who has a good voice) for it, then do it.

You’ll never catch me on a Podcast, of course, because I sound like a chipmunk, and you should always just say no to chipmunk voices.

Unless they are the adorable Chip and Dale.

Anyway I was reminded of my Podcast slip when I received a very nice email from Joseph Nassise, the author of Heretic. Joseph, in conjunction with the Horror Channel, will be releasing a Podcast version of his novel for free, or so the press release says:

For the first time ever, a novel currently available on bookstore shelves, released by a major New York publisher, will be podcast in its entirety beginning January 31st . HERETIC (Pocket Books, Mass Market Original, October 2005) is the first volume in a new dark fantasy series known as The Templar Chronicles, written by International Horror Guild Award nominee, Joseph Nassise. The complete novel will be released in a free, thirty-episode, weekly podcast read by Nassise and sponsored by The Horror Channel and The Podcast Network.

And free, my friends, is a very good price.

I planned on posting this when I got all the information together (as in who would be doing the reading, how long each Podcast would be, where the backlog would be kept, etc), but the migraine is not in agreement. If any of y’all are interested in this and want to fill me in, or if Joseph (Joe?) would like to give us the heads up, that would be great. I’m really interested to see how this turns out.


Ron Franscell said...

Fascinating! God, the world keeps coming up with news things. I worry about the public's ability to absorb all this information, but the new ways of getting it are simply amazing.

I might look into this.

Bookseller Chick said...

It's definitely something to check out. I'm not sure it would work for every book, and you have to remember that there are a hell of a lot of people out there without internet, but it's an interesting possibility. To do a podcast on your own all you need is the program and enough bandwidth.

Joseph said...


I'd be happy to answer whatever questions I can.

The podcast files will all be available on iTunes, as well as our series websites, and

A teaser sample is now available on the latter site - it's an excerpt from a future episode of the series.

I'm doing the audio myself, which has been great fun, and the technical folks at The Podcast Network, one of my terrific sponsors, are helping to deliver a quality recording.

Each episode will be somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty minutes and past episodes will remain available throughout the life of the show so that those who discover the podcast a few months into the program can still catch up and join in.

Along with the series website, we'll also be doing a mini-site at the home of my other terrific sponsor, the Horror Channel, that will feature an interactive forum, behind-the-scenes writer's diaries, contests, and more!

I hope you all check it out and let me know what you think!

Joe Nassise