Thursday, March 16, 2006

Guest Blogs and Questionable Appearances

Just wanted to let you know that I have a guest blog up at Buzz, Balls & Hype. The wonderful Robert Gray of Fresh Eyes offered me the chance last week--thank you, thank you, thank you--but I had no idea when it would debut (can blogs debut?). If you've got time to kill, go check out my thoughts on chains in 500 words or less, and laugh at the fact that I forgot to hit the talking points of who I was and where to find me, forcing MJ or Bob to tack on the information to the title.

Talking points. Sheesh. I'd never make it as an author.

In other news, the Written Nerd's blog on bookstore cleanliness got me thinking about bookseller appearance. How do you identify a bookseller in your local store? Are you okay with them wearing jeans and a tee shirt, or do you expect slacks and a button-down? Do you care at all as long as they don't smell or do you expect a professional appearance to go with a professional demeanor?

Just wondering.

And since it continues to be a tight race, please go vote in the poll.


lady t said...

I read your guest blog,BSC(thank you to Christine Fletcher,who posted the link yesterday!)and I even left a comment. You did fine,btw-made a good point about booksellers sticking together,regardless of where we work.

I read Book Nerd's blog about cleanliness and it was all too real for me-I'm one of those people who has to stop myself from straightening the shelves in other stores. Have to keep saying "You don't work here!":)

Eileen said...

Nice piece on Buzz and Balls. (well that was way too much fun to say)

Anonymous said...

Book seller attire? I'd rather it not go the way of a grunge music store. I vote for nice. Nice jeans and a well made t-shirt would be minimum, but ripped up jeans and a wife-beater wouldn't cut it. Slacks and a button down, even better. Let's face it, book store clientelle tend to have certain attributes. Like for starters, they can read.

Future Former Fat Chick said...

I don't care about what a book seller is wearing. I care about what they're reading. Are they familiar with the stock? Can they recommend an author I might not have tried? If they don't read the genre (and I don't expect everyone to read everything) can they suggest another seller who can help?

It seems like such an obvious thing. Why would anyone work in a bookstore if they don't like books? But I've seen it happen- both as a customer and as an employee. I'll take sloppy and knowledgeable over neatly dressed and clueless any day.