Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gorgeous Day = Good Reading

The sun is out, it's supposed to be reasonably warm, and if I didn't need to go to work and a baby shower today I would be out enjoying it. So go make yourself some ice tea, pack a little snack, and head out to your nearest park (after a quick detour to your favorite bookstore, if necessary).

If it's not sunny where you are, grab a blanket, a cup of tea/coffee and curl up on the couch.

Your bookseller prescribes at least one hour of reading (light and fluffy or dark and gloomy, your choice) to help balance what little sanity that any of us have left.


Bethany K. Warner said...

Is this like a doctor's note? Can I show this to my boss? ... see... I can't work today because the Bookseller Chick says so.

christine fletcher said...

BSC -- I hear and obey.

It's sunny. I have the day off, and 3 issues of Love Fiction Monthly (1937-1941) to read. (Background research for my 2nd novel). "Lips Don't Lie", anyone? Or maybe "Bride Overboard", or, my favorite so far: "Don't Waste Your Kisses". (Subtitle: "It's a strange romance when a girl has to buy her own wedding ring!")

Aaahh. Bliss.

Eileen said...

Well... if you insist.

fusenumber8 said...

Apparently none of you live in Manhattan where it is rainy, cold, wet, and people are breaking out their winter gloves for fear of losing some of their digits in the chill. I envy your sunny warmth and wish you'd blow it our way.

Michele said...

You had better weather over the weekend +than+most. I was vacationing on +the +sunny +side+of+the+state+%28Thanks+to+a+very+friendly+high+pressure+that+didnt+want+to+budge%29+-+But%2C+even+though+I+read%2C+I+still+had+to+deal+with+no+hot+water.++We+roughed+it+because+it+was+the+last+time+we%27ll+ever+be+able+to+stay+at+the+place+that+we%27ve+been+going+to+for+years.++The+old+folks+retired%2C+sold+it+to+%28I+like+to+think+unbeknownst+to+them%29+Time+Share+Sharks+and+most+of+the+place+was+gutted%21++But+going+to+sleep+listening+to+the+sound+of+the+ocean+right+outside+your+porch+is+priceless.++Worth+the+shreiks+I+bellowed+out+as+cold%2C+icy%2C+New+England+water+got+poured+over+my+head% I did read The Shadowing.
Hope you had a great weekend%