Monday, April 24, 2006

Who knows if this will post...

I tried posting earlier, but it was eaten. My brilliance disappeared into the blogger void never to be seen again.

World Peace? I'd found the answer.

Hoffa's burial place? Well, y'all already knew that one, but I did have the exact coordinates for the alien invasion (along with a handy little map to all the safe zones).

The meaning of life? There too.

Sadly all of that was lost to the Blogger monster and I cannot recall the answers due to this strange degenerative brain disorder I've developed called "Oooh, pretty sun." It's been known to manifest itself in unusually wet areas when suddenly a large, glowing orb appears along with something called blue sky. Victims are helpless to fight against the symptoms and only time--and a tolerance caused by further exposure--can help mental capacity return.

At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

So there will be no Smart Bitches today. Y'all can be both smart and bitchy on your own (I know you can). I doubt there will be any dumb bitching too, as I'm not sure I'm capable of bitchery. You see, despite needing to build up my tolerance to this thing called the "sun" I spent quite a bit of my afternoon sitting on my couch reading a book. An ARC from Christine Fletcher's publicist to be exact.

An ARC that I spent the last five pages of getting all teary eyed over, which had very little to do with hormones, but quite a bit with the idea of growing up and growing beyond.

An ARC that now has me considering the nature of endings, beginnings, and what it really means to fall and then catch ourselves.

I think, however, that this contemplative state would be better served by some vitamin D. Let's just hope that my brain is done deteriorating enough that I'll remember the answers to these questions, otherwise you'll be subjected to more incoherent rambling to be sure.

P.S. Tomorrow, I'm thinking some sort of contest/prize thing. Don't know what the prizes will be, but rumor has it that the chocolate from last contest went over well.


lady t said...

You're not alone,I had some trouble with Blogger yesterday but all seems to be well now.

Chocolate is a good prize,nobody can resist it:)

Christina said...

I cannot count the number of emails and blog posts I've lost to the void of cyberspace :(