Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gift Recommendations and Pleading

If you are still looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift for the Mom who is either a writer or an actor aficionado, check out In Character: Actors Acting by Howard Schatz. Actors from Edie Falco to Giancarlo Esposito are given one line descriptions of their character and then photographed in black and white. A study in faces, facial ticks, and reactions that prove that communication really is 93% physical. At fifty dollars (before discount) this beautiful coffee table book should waylay any guilt you might feel about not buying her something else and provide a great conversation piece as you flip through the pages and say, “Oh, so that’s who that guy is! I remember him from…”

If you are through shopping, however, then you have no excuse not to be adding midlist authors to this list. I’ve already started composing the emails that I plan to send out. Support your favorite, not-so-famous author by adding their name. You can post anonymously, so come on!

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