Thursday, May 11, 2006

The List As It Stands So Far

Okay everyone, here is the list so far for the writers you think deserve more, more, MORE recognition. Please continue to add more authors to the list here when you think of them. If I’ve made any mistakes on the list below, or forgotten someone that you commented about, please let me know. I only spent an hour researching and typing this up this morning, so I’m sure it’s not perfect.


Suzanne Strempek Shea (Becoming Finola, Washington Square Press)*
Judith Ryan Hendricks (Bread Alone)
Ayelet Waldman (Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, Mommy Track Mysteries)*
Jean Hegland (Into the Forest and Windfall)
Jennifer Vanderbes (Easter Island, Debut Novel)
Christopher Bram (Father of Frankenstein/Gods and Monsters, Harper Perennial)
Brenda Scott Royce (Monkey Love, Debut, NAL)
Karen Karbo (Motherhood Made a Man Out of Me et al)+
Bill Roorbach (The Smallest Color, Counterpoint Press)
Christopher Moore (Lamb/Fluke/Dirty Job, William Morrow/Harper Collins)*


Maria V. Snyder (Poison Study, Luna)+
Rachel Caine (Weather Warden Series, ROC)
Wen Spencer (Wolf Who Rules/Ukiah Oregon Series, Baen)
Laura Resnick (Disappearing Nightly, Luna)
Martha Wells (Ile-Rien Trilogy, Eos)
Stephen Baxter (Manifold Series, Del Rey)
Guy Gavriel Kay (Fionavar Tapestry Series, Eos)*
Juliet E. McKenna (Aldabreshin Compass Series, Tor)


Louise Ure (Forcing Amaryllis, Debut Novel, Warner)+
Cara Black (The Aimee Leduc Mysteries, Soho Crime)
Erin Hart (Haunted Ground, Pocket Star)*
William Kent Krueger (“Cork” O’Connor Mysteries, Atria)
Brian Freeman (Immoral, St. Martin’s Minotaur)
Mary Logue (Bone Harvest, Fawcett)
Stephanie Barron (The Jane Austin Mysteries, Bantam)
Lisa Reardon (Mercy Killers, Counterpoint Press)


Marianna Jameson (My Hero)
Kathleen Eschenburg (Nightingale’s Song/Seen By Moonlight, HarperTorch)
Pamela Britton (In the Groove, HQN)
Diane Farr (Under a Lucky Star, Signet)
Kate Rothwell/Summer Devon (Somebody to Love, Zebra—as Rothwell)+
Teresa Bodwell (Loving Miranda, Zebra)
Nancy Butler (Kindness of a Rogue, Signet)
Carla Kelly (Wedding Journey, Signet)
Dawn Thompson (Waterlord/Ravencliff Bride, Love Spell)
Elizabeth Sinclair (Miracle in the Mist, Medallion Press)
Paula Reed (Into His Arms/Nobody’s Saint, Zebra)
Flo Fitzpatrick (Hot Stuff, Zebra)
Leslie LaFoy (Her Scandalous Marriage, St. Martin’s Press)

Young Adult

Carrie Asai (Samurai Girl Series, Simon Pulse)
Marly Youmans (Curse of the Raven Mocker/Ingledove, Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
Mariah Fredericks (Crunch Time/The True Meaning of Cleavage, Atheneum)

Also Rans (We love them, but so does everyone else)

Deidre Martin (Romance, USA Today Bestselling Author)
Jennifer Crusie (Romance/Fiction, NYT Bestselling Author
Mary Roach (Science/Nonfiction, NYT Bestselling Author)
Susan Kearney (Romance, USA Today Bestselling Author)

Not Available/Out of Print

Christos Tsiolkas (Not Available in the United States)

*Noted to be National or International Bestsellers without any indication what lists they were on, will probably be bumped to the back of the list.

+Writers who have been contacted (or that I’m in the process of emailing) about participating in some way with this blog.


Susan Adrian said...

Hola, BSC:

You could add Kathleen Eschenburg's titles to the list; you currently just have her publisher.

They are "Nightingale's Song" and "Seen by Moonlight".


Eileen said...

I hope you realize I am already crafting my "to read" pile.

Mary Crawford said...

Martha Wells (Element of Fire, Death of the Necromancer, the Ile-Rien trilogy) in Fantasy, please. A wry and witty builder of worlds who doesn't write your typical 'kitchen boy discovers hidden magic talents and conquers the Dark Lord' fantasy, and needs much more exposure, if you ask me. I pounce upon her new books with cries of glee.

Jane said...

My blogging partner liked a Summer Devon ebook so I need to try out Kate Rothwell's books.

La Karibane said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the list and I think it's Marianna Jameson/Jamieson for My Hero in Romance. That is, if it's the book about the southern romance novelist who meets a cop in a paintball game, of course. If it's that one, loved it and I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel about the brother.

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone actuallys said Jennifer Crusie needed MORE recognition? Aren't her many bestsellers and cult of rabid fans doing it for her?

Christina said...

I don't know how popular he is, but I read Manifold Time by Stephen Baxter and found it really fascinating. I need to pick up his other books.

Kate R said...

is our man Christopher Moore a bestseller? yeah, I bet he is.

HEY, BSC, I bet you'd know: Do you think midlisters ever come out in hard-back first these days? Or is that only saved for the top o' the trees types?

Teresa Bodwell said...

Kathleen Eschenburg writes so beautifully. I loved both of her novels. If anyone who loved COLD MOUNTAIN, but found the ending depressing--read Seen by Moonlight.

Susan Adrian said...


Wow, another Kathleen Eschenburg fan! Marvelous, isn't she? I didn't see COLD MOUNTAIN, and I didn't need to, as I'd already read SBM.

Kendall said...

I love this midlist series of postings -- sorry to nitpick, but award-winning Baxter is published by Del Rey, not "Del Ray." Also in case you want to list U.S. publishers (I see you're in the U.S.) as well as U.K. -- McKenna's series is published by Tor in the U.S. (I imagine folks track down books by author/title anyway, but just FYI.)

Re. midlisters in hardback: I believe my recommendation (Strauss, just added) qualifies as midlist, but her latest pair of books were hardcover first. FWIW, YMMV, etc.

Bookseller Chick said...

Thanks Kendell, proof once again that I should have an onsite copy editor. I'll fix the Del Rey error immediately. As for the McKenna, I just went with what Amazon had to say...which, yes. I know. I know better. But soooo sleeepy. I admit that Baxter's many awards (and my own knowledge of his work) caused me a moment's pause before putting him on the list, but I couldn't find any documentation (either on the fan sites or on his own) that indicated that he'd ranked on either the NYT or USA Today lists in the US. It's quite possible that he made the publisher's Weekly lists though. Hmm. I'll have to check tomorrow.

And yes, I agree with Kendell, Kate. Midlisters can come out in hardback. It's usually a sign that the publisher is gaining faith in the author's ability to draw in buyers (and in the buyers need to have the book so bad that they'll shell out the 25 + bucks a pop). I've noticed that fantasy and sci/fi authors seem to go to hardback long before those hardbacks earn out (publicity speaking) by hitting the NYT or USA Today lists. In fact, most of the authors in my scifi/fantasy section that have hardbacks out at the moment, have not made it on to either of those lists. I wonder if it has to do with the nature of the genre and the buyer.

Anonymous said...

How about Donna Leon? I know she's big in England but in the US she's not nearly as well known as she should be. And since her first three books are now back in print here...