Monday, May 22, 2006

Heads Up, Seven Up

I have a post up over at Romancing the Blog called, “Looking Into My Magic Eight Ball and Spying Jack Sparrow (Among Others),” if you are interested. Nothing too exciting, just my thoughts on trends in Romance. I decided they probably weren’t ready for my diatribe against bookmarks since it seems to make many authors sad.

The Written Nerd has great BEA recap linkage going on over at her blog. Almost as good as being there (or at least that’s what I tell myself).

Meanwhile I think I’ve found the band of my heart, the group that I will follow everywhere, squeal in fangirlish delight over, and for whom I will bear the lead singer’s children. Now if only I can find a way to tell Mom and Dad.

In keeping with our promotional themed posts over the last few days, Booksquare discusses “When Thinking Out of the Box, Actually Leave the Box.” Dear Lord. Personally I think that it is only alright to dress as your character if you write Manga and you’re Cosplaying, or maybe if you write stuff for D&D.

Jane of Dear Author has a post up about whether shelving Aphrodisia, Spice and other new erotic lines in the Romance section is tantamount to false advertising given that they “would not be considered romance by many traditionalists.”

Over at Bookslut, Bookslut in Training gives some love to the Girl Detective, which reminds me of when I first discovered Nancy Drew and I wanted to be a girl detective. This stage was soon followed by the one where I discovered Indiana Jones, and I wanted to be him…or a female version of him. My dreams were cruelly crushed when my parents refused to help me find someone to teach me how to use a bull whip.

Those are the links for now. I’ll be back later with news, tools, lists and random topics on the world of books. That is if I don’t lose my power again.


Susan Adrian said...


I just posted a comment over there. It's amazing how pirates keep coming up recently...

lady t said...

Nice post at Romancing The Blog,BSC-I noticed that someone mentioned Darlene Marshall's pirate books in the Comments section and I've seen one of them written up at Dionne Galace's site(formerly known as It's Not Chick Porn,I Swear!). She really enjoyed it and Dionne is not a reviewing pushover,believe you me!

Pirates...well,why not? There's a reason Hollywood keeps doing remakes of Treasure island after all(loved the Muppet version with Tim Curry).

Kathleen Dante said...

Nice post over at Romancing The Blog. Too bad historicals aren't my genre. Any insights on paranormal and erotic romances?