Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ventis vs. Trades


I don’t have access to the exact measurements of a “Venti” premium paperback vs. a Trade paperback at the moment, but at work today—while on my break, you corporate office types—I’ll get a ruler and measure. Venti’s are pretty uniform in size, while Trades have been known to range. Per your question, as far as I know no SciFi/Fantasy books have been released as Venti’s (the LUNA books you asked about are Trade size paperbacks). I can provide you with a list of books that have been released in the Venti size:

Mary Higgins Clark, No Place Like Home (Mystery)

Harlan Coben, The Innocent (Mystery)

John Sandford, Broken Prey (Mystery)

Christine Feehan, Dark Demon (Romance)

Nora Roberts, Northern Lights (Romance)

Stephen King, (latest/smallest—in size—releases of) Dark Tower: The Wolves of Calla and Song of Susannah (Fiction/Horror)

There have been other releases (a Clive Cussler and a Catherine Coulter to name two), but I can’t remember them off the top of my head, while these I can guarantee will probably still be on the shelves of your local bookstore. I hope this helps a little. Look for a picture or some measurements to be added to this post in a couple of days for further explanation.


Kendall said...

Thanks, Bookseller Chick! I guess the Luna trades just looked/felt cheaper or different to me for some reason.

Reading your post and AngieW's comment after mine in the previous entry, I have a better idea now; I think I may have seen one of these after all (the Feehan or Roberts). I will spelunk at B&N near work today, though, to get it set in my head just what these are like. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Also, called a 'Tall Rack Paperback' or more accurately a 'US Tall Rack Paperback' ('US' as in USA). Different from a 'Digest Paperback', 'Mass Market Paperback' and a 'Trade Paperback'.

From the ONIX standard...
Tall rack paperback (US):
"In North America, a category of paperback characterised partly by page size and partyl by target market and terms of trade"