Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Links for the Readers (And Questions for the Booksellers)

I spent far too much time yesterday watching the Mac vs. PC ads (with John Hodgman), and then the backlash Mac vs. PC ads from Truenuff.com, which highlight what can happen when people identify with the wrong character in your ad campaign.

Then as I was searching for various things out there on the great, wide internet, I ran across this interview with Sheila Clover English who runs Circle of Seven Productions (the book trailer makers) about her novel series (which is marketing only through COS’s website). Very interesting stuff, thought I, and I wondered if book trailers had grown on y’all yet, or if you viewed them as odd. The Book Standard appears to do a column series highlighting the best (or newest) out there.

And I thought on this for awhile until I was distracted by the announcement that you can now leave comments on reviewers posts at Amazon. Madness! Multiple opportunities for rocketing blood pressure and authors (and fans) behaving badly! Luckily someone has come up with a sure-fire cure to keep you from posting a ranting comeback.

I was all ready to pop up some popcorn, grab a beer, and enjoy the show, but I had to go to bed. Good thing, thought I, I’ll be less distracted in the morning.

But then Celia Stuart sent me a link to Vanessa Jaye’s blog where she tackled the issue of font sizes (and store sizes) that I’d bitched about yesterday, so of course I had to read that.

To further distract me, Kristin managed to find the Novel T-shirts that I’d talked about so long ago, and had sent me a link.

It was quite clear that I was going to get nothing done today before I went to work. Nothing! So I thought I would leave you with these links (and allow you to share in my distraction), and question for those booksellers floating around out there:

How would you like to be contacted by an author looking to do a signing? I know what I want to hear (publisher, size, etc), but what are your requirements? Would you rather hold an off-site or an on-site event? Does it depend on the subject material?



Jane said...

Thanks so much for the links to the alt mac/pc commercials. I love YouTube! People are so creative.

Amie Stuart said...

Booktrailers have not grown on me. They're neat but just one more thing to tackle like the laundry. I kid but still. Thanks for adding Vanessa's link I totally died reading her take on bookstores and fonts!

love the t-shirt site and I've bookmarked it! What a great idea! And those mac-pc commercials? They just make me want a mac =)

Trish Ryan said...

Those Mac ads are hysterical. My PC has been acting up lately, so I suspect I'm their target demographic :)

Madelyn Alt said...

I have my eye on the trailers. I find them interesting, but only if really well done. Otherwise, why bother? I also wonder whether they are influencing anyone to buy books. The jury's still out for me.

Thanks for the link to the "sure-fire cure." ROFLMAO! Too funny, and, sigh, too true. Some things are better left unsaid.


Anonymous said...

Originally I read this post because I saw my name. lol

And though I could ramble on and on about book trailers, what really caught my eye was you note about Amazon!!!

You can comment on a reviewers comment?! OMG! I am off to take a look.
But, I had to laugh at your "Authors and fans behaving badly" comment. I just did a blog on this very issue on our MySpace site. I'm going to have to have to blog again I see! lol

Great blog btw!
Sheila Clover English

invincible said...

It is so nice.