Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Link It To Me

No, not more links in the sidebar. I have more, but I’ve slowed in the initial rush of linking everything out of my Explorer favorites (which happened about the time I was trying to figure out how to categorize the link to my local gym). Let me assure you that massive linkage going on in the sidebar was not the result of crazy caffeine intake or slipping my meds, but several hours of enforced wait time while I waited for friends to either get hungry, wake up, or get their acts together. It was fix the link index, pop in a movie, or play Trogdor, and since I had no ongoing customer rage I did not feel the need to stomp villagers.

The links below, however, are the result of that blessed first cup of coffee in the morning (Arabian Mocha something or other—a gift from Barista Chick), and filled with web-based goodness. Enjoy, and remember that guest columns for Halloween are welcome at any time! If you’re still interested, that is…

Now this is a book trailer that even Bob Dylan would approve of. Go, Daniel Handler, er, I mean, Mr. Snicket. (Thanks, Publishing Insider)

Speaking of book trailers (of which I always am because they fascinate me so), the Book Standard and created a blog on just such a subject know as The Book Trailerpark. Oh, how it fills my little white trash heart with glee. (Chekhov’s Mistress knows the dirtiest things.)

And if you’re tired of all things book trailerish, then how about a play/performance art? That’s what Shira Nayman is doing for one of her short stories “A House on Kronenstrasse” to celebrate the release of her collection Awake in the Dark.

Colleen Mondor of Bookslut (in training) kicks off some Halloween-y goodness with her column “October Country.” Check it out for some great reads for all ages and some excellent reviews. How happy am I that there is a new issue of Bookslut up? There aren’t enough verys to describe.

Via Bookninja (who may have the coolest name ever after Bookshelves of Doom), I found this link to “Julia Golding's top 10 characters from children's historical fiction.” The characters are broken out by period through WWII, and apparently Hobbits either don’t rate or can’t be categorized as they are fantasy not historical. Tolkien rolls in his grave, while Rowling realizes she falls under the heading of young upstart.

Booksquare has broken my heart by linking to this story in the Standard. Apparently you publishing types aren’t lurking out there, just waiting to offer me millions thousands dollars (oh hell) pennies for my blog. *sob* However will I pay for little Timmy’s operation now?

Webcasts, webcasts and more webcasts! See everyone from Bryan Collier to Andrew Clements to Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, and put off working for an entire day. It’s highly overrated anyway (work, that is).

P.S. Now I feel all weird mentioning this because the Smart Bitches were mentioned in the NY Times and interviewed for the Washington Post, but I got a mention in the RT Book Club in the Chick Lit article. Anyone who has never emailed me, but wanted a legit name to go with the superhero persona (one name, and not my first one) might want to check it out.


Susan Adrian said...


Congrats on the RT Book Club mention! I can't read it, but that's cool all the same.

Also, good job on the increased linkage. Not that I need more sites to browse, mind you, but it's good to know you have them when I need a break from a deadline.

Stephen D. Rogers said...

I don't see an explanation of the * following some of the links. New? Favorite? Randomly applied? :)