Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Madness Continues!

Yes, that’s right. There are even more links!

Links to other sites.
Links to favorites within this site.
Links to all the Book Sense 101 and “Doing My Homework” postings!

It’s not all there yet; I’ll continue to add new things as I find them, but at this time the link index in the side bar is officially longer than the posts on this page. I think I went a little crazy.

Scratch that, I know that I went a little crazy, but it helped me get organized. I now have a direct link to the website column (the original, not the slimmed down one I’ve been working on for months), the Challengers List (so I can finally finish those recommends), and other things that I need to work on/finish. Not having to search for them is going to make me feel better and allow me to avoid Blogger’s faulty search system (I had to scroll through the last year to find all the “Doing My Homework” columns.

I’m hoping with this new and improved easy access, I won’t let these things get away from me as much and I’ll finally be able to follow through on some of the stuff we’ve talked about here. I still want to work with the Midlist authors (as well as give y’all your recommendations), and I would like to do some more interviews/guest posts with people of interest (author interviews and guest posters of the past can be found near the bottom of the index, witness the insanity). Wading through a year of posts (I didn’t bother delving into 2005, that’s a panic attack for another day), made me realize that I need to clean out my archives and stopping setting myself up for huge projects that I don’t necessarily have time for. So next time I open my big mouth and ask for suggestions, questions or dreams, remind me that while Bookseller Chick would make an awesome superhero name I do not have any superhero type powers to back it up. Be sure to add in that I’m allergic to spandex and would totally trip on my cape and choke myself, just in case I don’t see the lack of powers as an insurmountable barrier.

Also remind me that I’m rather attached to having a modicum of a social life, and friends that will drag my ass out of the house if I resist. Friends who do not find blogging for the enjoyment and education of others to be a valid excuse to sit on my couch.

So, to be clear, we have more links marked with asterisks; we have some links acting as stand ins for columns that I need to get off my ass and finish; and we have a bookseller that mined so many litblogs for links (yesterday and today) that they are a blur.

Thank you, blurry litblogs, you’re links were lovely. I just wish I could remember your names.

Special thanks to Little Willow for the use of her index, and anonymous for pointing out there was an extra period in Evil Editor’s address. I still need you guys to check any and all links you have time for and let me now if any are broken or wrong. I was doing a lot of cutting and pasting towards the end, so it is entirely possible that I’ve royally screwed up a bunch of these.

If you are one of the links in the sidebar and you feel you are mis-categorized, please let me know so that I can move you to the appropriate placement. If you run a review side and would like to be included in one of the review categories then please email me your site name, the name of the sub-category you wish to be in and a brief description of your review qualifications or conditions.

Also if you feel that I left out something from Columns of Note (or included something that didn’t deserve any love), feel free to let me know. I compiled the list as I scanned through the archives while half asleep, and I still haven’t touched 2005.

This work for you?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Whatever, man, I need a break. There’s a whole backlog of emails calling my name before I do anymore web stuff, but first I need a nap. Link compilation is a tiresome thing.


Eileen said...

Ooooh this looks lovely. I could spend hours clicking around.

Robin Brande said...

I have a headache just thinking about all the work you had to do to accomplish all this.

How much Starbucks are you drinking lately?

PersonaNonData said...

These are great links - what a resource. Keep it up.

BuffySquirrel said...

Take a deep breath.