Saturday, October 07, 2006

Putting the Books Back in this Blog (Sort of)

Remember when this blog was about books and I had all these idealistic plans to build a link reference section to end all link reference sections? And remember how you maybe, sort of believed me until you realized that I was a flake who moved on a time table similar to that experienced on Neptune?

Yeah, well, guess what, baby? We just made a revolution around the sun and it is time to get busy. Behold the new and improved link section to the right of this post. It is no where near finished, but it is now chock-full of new links, new headings, and even has space designated for things like all those “Doing My Homework” columns, Reader favorites, and when I make the random recommendation so you don’t have to wade through the backlog of all (almost) three hundred of my posts. Simply scan the sidebar and look for the asterisk to find out what new and wonderful (or old and “gee, why the hell wasn’t s/he/it here before”) things have taken up residence.

But wait, there’s more.

Should this rush of creative energy continue before we round the sun again, I would like to add more review sites to the sidebar, reorganize the “Book Workers in the Trenches” column (to pull out the editors and give them their heading a la the agents or not, that is the question), learn to dance the Lindy Hop, and even more writer and reader site links.

All this for the low price of nothing!

Here’s what I need from y’all:

  • Use the links and make sure the work. Please report any broken or out of date ones (e.g. the site has moved on to another format)

  • Let me know who I missed out on. I’m going to add a guest blogger designation (and some of those who guest blogged while I was on vacation have yet to make it on under the author or reader designation), but if there is some other kind of designation you want to see (like a link to all SB Day entries or a link to all the link entries) pipe up.

  • What absolute must haves am I missing? I know, I know, it took me forever to put Maud Newton up there, but look she’s hanging with the Book Workers now. Who else defines/drives the reader/publisher/blogger scene that I’ve left out in my ignorance

So remember, order now and I’ll throw in a car air freshener that smells of old books for absolutely nothing. Operators are standing by.


Little Willow said...

All of the links I tested worked.

Thanks for linking to my book blog!

S&S has another new blog:

I have a bunch of imprint and author blogs as well as book review/commentary blogs listed here:

Tockla said...

Am I crazy? I can't see the links that you describe. I've refreshed several times, and all I see is "About," "Contributors," and "Previous." Could it be that some browsers don't pick up the new links? (I'm using Firefox)...

m said...

I liked your links before, now they are even better! (-:

Lisa Hunter said...

Wow. This is great. I'm going to be an ex-writer now, because I'll end up spending the entire day at your blog.

Anonymous said...

the link to Evil Editor doesn't work because it has an extra period at the end, before the / .

Bernita said...

Oooh, thank you.
More places to visit I didn't know about.

Tockla said...

Ah, it all works now!