Saturday, February 03, 2007

Not going anywhere

Jeeze, a girl just loses her job and y’all think she’s just going to up and leave you?

I’m made of sterner stuff than that. I’m not giving up the Bookseller Chick name and I’m sure as heck not going anywhere.

I may adopt the title of “Bookseller at Large” as well, however, just because I can.*

I’ve just been a busy girl, what with filling out my unemployment, teaching a coworker how to set up a blog to run her manga referral business through, and meeting the great and wonderful Written Nerd.

Dude, it was like getting to go backstage and meet the band. Only it was meeting a blogger and talking about ABA Winter Institute (jealous, so jealous), books, bookstore and the future of bookselling.

(So basically both cooler and nerdier than actually meeting the band, and I owe W.N. a drink if I ever make it to NY.)

We talked until we were both hoarse and now I’ve got eight million different ideas running through my head for blog topics and discussions and research. And I would love to talk about them all now, but I really need a nap so I will have the energy for the wrap party tonight.

Because there is nothing like getting drunk with your ex-coworkers and playing the “in your pants” game**. I know this because we actually did this for two hours last Sunday. A bigger group of booksellers only means more titles. And more alcohol only means we’ll think we’re funnier.

Oh, and that we’ll get the titles wrong more often than not. Maybe I should bring a cheat sheet?

Something to think about.

I’ll try to actually write about books tomorrow.

*Thank you, sweet pea. May your bookstore forever be ruled over by benevolent cats.

**and because credit should be given where credit is due, Maureen Johnson is the official creator of the “In Your Pants” game as far as I know.


Bookdwarf said...

Dammit, I'm sorry that I didn't get to meet you. Stupid cell phone didn't get great service in Portland. Glad you had a good time with Jessica though.

Ann(ie) said...

In your pants sounds like a fun game.