Thursday, May 03, 2007

Beauty and Brains: Just in case…

Just in case I cannot make myself post tomorrow morning before I leave for work at 5:30 am, I thought I should alert my lovely readers to the following. Whether or not you follow the comic world, I think someone should alert fanboys and girls everywhere that Dark Horse is employing its very own pin-up. That’s right, kids, the assistant editor who is responsible for this (as well as working on other comics) is also a new poster girl for Original Sin Hard Cider (considered the “top American Cider” by the NY Times).

Don’t believe me? Well look:

(Click picture to enlarge.)

It seemed only right to post this in honor of Saturday being Free Comic Book day across America. If you're looking to feed your habit, or just learn a little something about the industry, that's the day to hit your local comic book shop and check out the selection. Who knows? You might just find something you like.

The interesting thing about this picture—to me anyway—is that it was based on a photograph taken in my living room. Miss Assistant Editor came over and worked her sexy, bad ass thing with an apple while HTC did her best Tyra impression to get the look we thought the artist was going for. That, plus wine, made the night full of laughs. Our poster girl wasn’t wearing fishnets or a red dress (go artistic license), but that green couch-type thingie is definitely based on my over stuffed chair.

My overstuffed chair is famous, y’all! Oh yeah, and so is my partner in bad dancing. I'm so proud of her. I truly hope someone brings a copy of this to the next comic-con she attends and has her sign it. That would make my day. Hers too, after she stopped blushing, of course. (I'm such a horrible friend.)

The artist, R. Black, has most (if not all) of Original Sin’s promotional design as well as posters for different events and album covers. If you’re looking to waste some time I suggest checking out his whole portfolio. I would love for someone to turn him loose on a book cover and see what he comes up with. It would certainly by eye catching.


Kate R said...

That's the interesting thing about that cover for me, too (that and it is the business. Very cool) So that's you lounging on your fabulous overstuffed chair? Great cover but where're the books?

Have you paid attention to the latest crazy crap in Romanceland?

Bookseller Chick said...

Not me. A friend of mine from Dark Horse comics.

And yeah, the latest romance weirdness is innnnnnteresting.

Robin Brande said...

This comment is for May 5:


(It is your birthday, right?)