Thursday, May 03, 2007

Video-rama: Movies to awe, inspire and waste time watching*

Remember when I told you that Maureen Johnson’s book The Bermudez Triangle was being banned from an Oklahoma high school library (or at least gave you the link to the story)? Well, the Brothers Green have decided to do something about it. Behold, a Brotherhood 2.0 video that challenges its audience to speak up and write letters to the faculty involved in this decision. The appropriate emails follow below if you’re feeling in a letter writing mood:

Mrs. Janet Vernon, Executive Director of Secondary Instruction
UPDATE: Mrs. Vernon’s email box is full, but you can email her assistant, Becky Brubaker, and ask her to pass your thoughts along to Mrs. Vernon
Dr. Richard Rosenberger, Executive Director of Human Resources
Mr. Chuck McCauley, Principal of Bartlesville High School

And could this be the next new thing your agents and publishers do for you, fooling around with iMovie until they’ve made a trailer for your signing?

Are you ready for some “polished prose and raw lust?”

Thanks to Powells this little possible controversy caught my eye. It seems that this guy thinks someone at Nike might owe Chuck Palahniuk some money for this commercial. It’s a little too similar to Fight Club, in his opinion. What do you think?

And finally, the best for last. How far would you go to satisfy that “I must have the next book in the series NOW!” craving? Jennie of Jennie’s B(ook)log gives us one example with “Olive’s Bold Ascent.”

If you’re interested in Olive’s first adventure, you can find it here. You can also read an excellent interview with Jennie about being a copywriter here.

I was going to wait to post these all on Friday when I know half of you aren’t really working at your jobs, but I have to be up at six am for a thirteen hour shift. If anything gets posted on Friday it will be a miracle.

And by the way, how mad am I that the Kentucky Derby is on my birthday on Saturday? Now I’ll never have the energy to go out afterwards and pretend that all of Mexico is really celebrating me and not a triumph at the Battle of Pueblo.

*But, hey, they’re all book related in some way, so claim it is work!

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Anonymous said...

Just a reminder BSC, you HAVE to do something besides deal with disgruntled callers on your birthday. Even if all we do is crash on you couch and toast the Mexicans with good tequila, we will do something.