Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New-ish type stuff (otherwise known as a link post)

Maureen Johnson is a very dangerous—and now banned!—woman.

The NY Times would like you to get your Shakespeare on (and wish the Bard a belated Happy Birthday). Yay, Shakespeare! Sadly this does not make the almost five hour version of King Lear I sat through any more palatable, but maybe I’ll blame the failure on the production.

Fuse #8 makes it official (at the invite of Roger Sutton, who may be my new blog crush) with her field notes on Blogging the Kidlitosphere.

The AV Club gives us the “15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Said Better Than Anyone Else Ever Has Or Will.” Indeed.

I’ve just discovered that my favorite beer store has a blog! A beer blog! Of course this totally ties in with books and reading…aren’t most great writers drunks?

Anna Genoese, an editor formerly with Tor, has a great post with links on World building.

Dorchester and Marjorie Lui (who is an impossibly lovely person) are doing a buzz marketing campaign to promote Lui’s newest book. If you’re interested in a free book from a woman with a clear—and lyrical—voice, go check it out.

And now I’m off to work. Really. I mean it. I’m getting my butt off the couch. Now.

Dear lord, if it is this hard for me to get there at 7:30, I can only imagine what my 6 am shifts are going to feel like later this week. Damn you, Kentucky Derby!


Stephanie said...

You had to start off with the book banning post. Now my knickers are all in a twist. Book banning=bad. Grrrr.Grrr. Gonna have to go watch some pandacam to calm down.

Robin Brande said...

That book banning story is bizarre. And disappointing. Shows what one bully can do. But ultimately the bullies won't prosper as long as the rest of us keep doing our part (beginning with rolling our eyes and saying, "Ma'am, are you out of your mind?")

Marjorie Liu said...

That was really kind of you. Thank you so much -- both for the compliments and for bringing up the buzz campaign. :-)