Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Links at last

I thought I would catalogue these even if no one is still around.
  • Kassia Kroszer of the ever wise Booksquare discusses the demise of the Los Angeles Times Book Review and what that really means to readers in: Once More With Feeling: The LATBR Publishes Its Last. (You may have also seen her last night discussing this on News Hour with Jim Lehrer.)
  • New search site of interest: http://www.cuil.com/ was created by former Google engineers. I have no idea if it actually has a better or more accurate search function, but for an author (or anyone else) here's another way to find out what people are saying about you.

(For example: Here's what it looks like if you search Bookseller Chick)

  • Deidre Knight of the Knight Agency has been named Agent of the year by the Romance Writers of America (info: GalleyCat.) Congrats to a wonderful woman who definitely deserved it.

  • From A Chair, a Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy comes a thoughtful discussion regarding the New York Times article: Literacy Debate: R U Really Reading? To which I say, "What she said." I've known some incredibly literate fanfiction writers with Ph.Ds as well as some incredibly illiterate ones.

  • For your amusement: A pictorial editorial on the people who say they have read Stephen Hawking's A Brief History

  • And if you are in the Greater Portland, OR area and you are looking for Tuesday night entertainment, then you might want to check out these free movies:


Northwest Jane said...

Welcome back BSC even if only for a list.
~The Druggie~

radthorne said...

Agreed; it's good to know you're still with us, BSC. You're still missed! :)